About Us

Natures Hub is a collaborative effort by 3 local businesses with a mission to bring you “All Things Natural, Spiritual & Vegan” under one roof and online too!

Delizioso Skincare

Two sisters, Ariel, and Leeona Emerald founded Delizioso Skincare in 2013 when they that discovered the amount of toxic sludge that goes into cosmetics tremendously affects our health. So they decided to change the world of cosmetics and skin care and create a line of all the products that you would ever need. It took a few years of intense research and testing but these products had to be tested, water-free, 100% natural, FRESH, raw and truly the definition of purity and luxury.

All Things Holistic

Sherry Simoes founded All Things Holistic after discovering she suffered from a disease called Lipedema. Diving into the world of natural health in an attempt to control the disease she found that there were so many natural and holistic products on the market and decided that they were something worth sharing with the world and started to blog about the products and services that she learned about during her journey.

Fast forward to today All Things Holistic offers over 500 essential oils, over 1000 natural product supplies through their main supplier, ATL International to the general public, resellers and practitioners and has their flagship retail store inside Natures’s Hub including a selection of those products and other natural, spiritual and vegan products.

The Enchanted Peddler

The Enchanted Peddler was founded in 1998 by Jim Ferguson in the UK in a little town called Broadstairs in Kent. After Jim came back to Canada in 2003,  he opened up a shop, The Enchanted Peddler, in Wortley Village. Jim retired in 2008 and started doing shows (Holistic, Psychic) all across Canada. Still being the creative, social person that he is; Jim decided to start 2021 on a high note, by reopening The Enchanted Peddler, in collaboration with The Nature’s Hub.